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What Happens If There’s A Match?

Both sides of the match will be informed that a match has been found. This will happen via a specialist support worker, experienced in dealing with similar cases. A report will be provided from DNA Analysis at King’s College London that describes the nature and the likelihood of the match.

Both parties will be independently invited to state how they would like any contact to proceed:

  • Exchange of information/communication through a specialist intermediary support worker
  • Exchange of non-identifying biographical information
  • Exchange of email addresses
  • Exchange of identifying information e.g. name, address, telephone number, email address
  • Face-to-face meeting

A specialist intermediary support worker provided by DCR will then engage with both sides to help manage the contact, based on the preferences expressed by both parties.

The key principle followed will be that neither party will be expected to go beyond the level of contact they are comfortable with. Typically there will be sequential progression through the contact process, over a period of many months, with either party free at any time to withdraw from the process or further contact.

Biographical pen picture

You are invited to provide a pen picture of yourself that you would want to share with any donor/offspring/sibling match.Typically people give a basic introduction to themselves, who they are, what they do, personal interests and characteristics, and a short family medical history. You are also welcome to give a personal message to your donor/offspring/sibling.

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